IMG_20150316_110907Our Junior Leadership team have been involved in organising a shipment of  old school uniforms, and pumps, to a school in Gambia. We just received a short video clip from them, which can be seen below. They have also collected books for the school, which are going to be shipped out soon.

We got this letter from our friends in Gambia, too:


We also received a certificate from  the Speaker’s School Council Awards, recognising our achievement in the ‘Uniform for Children in Gambia’ probject.

Speakers Scohol Certificate

Sandal Primary School children are proud of their Junior Leadership Team which has replaced our previous School Council. They think it is very important that they can are share their thoughts, ideas and suggestions about things that matter to them and that these views are taken into consideration and valued. We like everyone to be able to contribute to the way things happen in school. Our Junior Leadership Team gives every child in school a ‘voice’ through each elected class representative so that everyone in school can ‘have their say’.

2018 Junior Leadership Team
Reception Harvey, Thea, Annie and Rocco
Year 1 Alfie A, Robyn, Lyra and Alfie M
Year 2 Ella, Olivia, Arthur and Patrick
Year 3 Flynn, Lola, Hesther and Ethan
Year 4 Elliott, Lucy, Edward and Martha
Year 5 Thomas, Jess, Adan and Lydia
Year 6 Zach, Emily, Archie and Lilly

The meetings are held every week and the team discusses each item from the prepared agenda. Classes suggest things they would like discussing to their representatives, who can raise the issues at the meeting. The year 6 children have important roles within the meetings – there are two Year 6 secretaries. Miss Ali supports the children and helps them to run their Junior Leadership Team, although key stage 2 children lead the meetings and raise the items on the agenda for the team to discuss.

The objectives of the Junior Leadership Team are to:

  •  Give pupils the right to say what they think
  •  Listen to and consider suggestions made by pupils
  •  Allow pupils to present new initiatives and ideas
  •  Allow pupils to talk about what is important to them
  •  Help the school Senior Leadership Team and governors understand what is important to the children
  •  Find out and share what matters and give information to everyone in school
  •  Help make our school the very best it can be

 The representatives feedback information to their classes about what has happened during the meeting and this usually leads to further discussion and debate within classes.   The minutes are taken and distributed by the pupils to each class.