Senior Leaders

The Senior Leadership Team consists of Mrs Dale (Headteacher), Mrs Merriman (Deputy Headteacher), Mrs Broadbent (Deputy Headteacher),  Miss Mountain (Assistant Headteacher) and Mrs Wilson (Finance & Office Manager).

Mrs Vicky Merriman has responsibility for Teaching Assistants, Inclusion, SEN, Pupil Premium Children and child protection. Mrs Jess Broadbent has responsibility for  curriculum and science as well as Phase 1. Miss Becca Mountain has responsibility for English.

Mrs Toni Wilson has responsibility for finance and the management of the administration team.

Middle Leaders

Our middle leaders are responsible for each phase in school along with major parts of teaching and learning across the school.

Mrs Emma Walch is Phase 3 leader (Years 5 and 6) and maths leader. Mrs Natalie Robertshaw is acting Phase 2 leader (Years 3 and 4) and Miss Christina Sperduto is EYFS leader ( Nursery and Reception).

Our Leaders