The Sandal Primary After School Care Club is run by Sandal Primary School and exists to provide high quality out-of-school hour’s childcare for our parents. It provides a range of stimulating and creative activities in a safe environment. The Sandal Primary After School Care Club will operate daily in term time from 3.20pm until 6.00pm for children in Nursery to Year 6. All children who attend the club must attend Sandal Primary School. The After School Care Club is managed by the Governing Body of Sandal Primary School and is registered with OFSTED.

 A copy of this policy is provided to all parents of children attending the club and is also available on the school website. All parents must complete a registration form for each child attending the club and sign the form to adhere to the terms of this policy.


• Only children attending Sandal Primary School from nursery to Year 6 are eligible to attend the club.

• All places are subject to availability.

• For children who attend the After School Care Club a registration form with details of contact numbers and medical information must be completed and signed before they start. It is the parents’ responsibility to report any food allergies on the registration form when joining the Club. Parents are reminded that it is also their responsibility to update any information with the School Office should circumstances change. (Contact numbers etc.)

• Parents requiring ad hoc places at the After School Care Club are welcomed to use the club provided there are spaces and parents/carers have previously completed the registration process.

• All club staff are made aware of the details of a new child.

• Children’s attendance is recorded in a register.

Booking Places

• Places for the After School Care Club must be booked via the school office by sending an email to
• Priority for places will be given to full-time or part-time places that cover every week of the term.
• Places must be booked in advance, although subject to space, ad hoc places can be allocated on the day.

Payment of Fees

• The cost for each session is £10 per child and children will be provided with drinks and a light tea.
• Parents must pay for sessions in advance (weekly, monthly, half termly etc.). If a parent is experiencing difficulty with payment of their fees, they should contact the office staff as soon as possible. Our staff will treat all matters confidentially and arrange for discussions in private.
• Fees must be paid by using the online payment system and we also accept most childcare vouchers. A text receipt is issued for all payments
• If a debt is incurred, the school reserves the right to exclude a child if fees are not paid in line with the agreement.
• Fees will be reviewed in July each year for implementation in September.


The club will be staffed at a maximum ratio of 1 adult for every 10 children; however, ideally we will maintain ratios at 1 adult for every 8 children. The club will be run by a minimum of four members of staff at all times.
The club will be led by a Level 3 or higher qualified member of staff. In the event of the Leader being absent, an experienced member of staff will lead the club and a senior member of staff will remain present on the school site.

Arrival and Departure at After School Care Club

Children can be collected at any time during the hours the club runs.
Reception & KS1 children will be escorted to the club at the end of the school day.
KS2 children will make their own way to the club at the end of the school day, unless there is a need for an adult to accompany them.

Register and Collecting

A register of children who attend After School Care Club will be taken at the start of each session. This register is filed in the After School Club folder which is kept in the school office.
Parents should collect their children from the Reception class doors near the Childrens Centre
Parents are required to sign the register when collecting their child. If a parent is unable to collect their child as arranged, they must let the After School Co-ordinator (ASC) know immediately.
Parents/carers must inform the Club in advance if someone who is not listed on the registration form is to collect the child. Staff will contact the main parent/carer for confirmation if they have any concerns regarding departures. Children will not be allowed to leave on their own.

Late Collection

The out of school club finishes at 6pm prompt, if you are delayed for any reason please telephone the club to let us know.
If a child is picked up late a charge of £5 will be made for every 5 minutes beyond the collection time. You may also be asked to make a contribution towards any extra staff wages and transport costs incurred
If your child remains uncollected after 6.30pm and you have not warned us that you will be delayed, and we have been unable to reach you or any of your emergency contacts, the supervisor will contact the Police & local Social Care team for advice.

Light Tea/Snacks

Children will be offered a light tea in line with the School Food Regulations January 2015 which will include:

• Toasted sandwiches
• Soup & rolls
• Pasta
• Beans / scrambled egg on toast
• Hot dogs
• selection of sandwiches/wraps/rolls

In addition fresh fruit and drinks will be available throughout the session.

Tea will be served to children at 4.30pm in the Dining Hall.


A range of supervised indoor and outdoor (where possible) activities will be provided for the children, however, the onus is on playing and having fun. The club offers a fun environment where children gain confidence in social skills. We also offer support with reading and homework and there is a wide range of independent activities such as role play, Lego, board games, art & crafts, baking.


Children are expected to show a good standard of courtesy and behaviour at all times. The After School Care Club is part of Sandal Primary School and as such children are expected to follow the same guidelines as documented in the Behaviour Policy, which can be found on the school website.
Any discipline problems will be brought to the parents’ attention by the Co-ordinator. If the problem cannot be resolved, then it may be referred to the Headteacher and, if it still cannot be resolved, the child may, at the discretion of the governing body, be asked to leave the Care Club.

Lost Child Policy

Sometimes a child does not attend the After School Care club when they are expected to. A child may also leave the premises without permission. If a child does not attend when expected, the Care Club leader will speak with teaching and non teaching staff to establish their whereabouts. They will then contact home to establish home time arrangements. If a child is still missing the Headteacher will be informed. The police will be informed if the child has not been located by 4pm. Any such incidents will be recorded and records will be kept by the head teacher.

Health and Safety

It is the policy of the club to make sure that all activities are carried out in such a way to ensure the highest possible standards of health and safety for all the children and staff involved.
A risk assessment of the dining hall and kitchen will be carried out daily to assess any issues with any potential dangers being addressed immediately.
Activities will be risk assessed regularly.

First Aid

A trained first aider will be available at all sessions who will administer first aid in line with school policy.


Parents are required to fill in a registration form that identifies any health or medical problems. The club will follow the school policy for administration of medication, a copy of which is available on the school website.


Parents are required to give written consent for photographs to be taken of children. Photographs will only be used on the school website or in displays advertising Care Club.

Fire Evacuation Procedure

In case of fire, children will be evacuated through the nearest safe exit to assemble on the playground. The After School Care Club supervisors will be responsible for the register and will call this at the assembly point.

Equal Rights

Sandal Primary School is committed to equality of opportunity for pupils and staff. We believe that every child is an individual and should be treated as such, as far as possible, and we will assess and cater for each child’s individual needs. We want all children to feel welcome at the club, regardless of religious, ethnic or cultural background. We will not tolerate discrimination or prejudice on any grounds including race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Any incident of a racist nature will be reported to Mrs L Dale and investigated and recorded.

Complaints Procedure

In the event of a child having a complaint about any aspect of the club or about a staff member of the club then they have the right to complain by following this procedure:
• Speak to the staff in the School Office
• If you feel it is not appropriate to speak to the Office, then the child should speak to the Headteacher, Mrs L Dale.

If a parent/ carer is not satisfied with any aspect of the service, then they have the right to complain by following these steps:
• Speak to the staff in the School Office
• If you feel that it is not appropriate to speak to the Office or if the complaint remains unresolved, speak to the Headteacher
• If you are still not satisfied or have a complaint against the Headteacher, you should put the complaint in writing to the Chair of Governors, Mr R Moore who will acknowledge your complaint in writing within 2 days and then investigate the matter and write to you within 10 days.

The form below is for After School Club and Breakfast Club. You only need to fill one form in for both.