Year 4 and 5 pupils are taking part in the CRESST Young Peacemaker’s Project next week, involving a series of workshops on conflict resolution – the purpose being to equip our children with the tools to handle low level conflict effectively. T... read more

A selection of local activities happening in and around Baildon, outside school. Please contact the indicated people/organisations, rather than the school, if you’d like more information. Thanks! NEW teens flyer Sandal Oct 17 Fisical October Camps &... read more

19th January, 2018 Young Voices, Sheffield 2018 WOW – What a fantastic Young Voices Event! … The children all worked so hard on the run up to the concert, but it was worth it, we had a fantastic day! They were absolute ‘Superstars’ and I f... read more

Thanks to all the parents who came to this years EYFS/KS1 parents workshop to find out more about reading and writing strategies, and how they move on from Nursery to Year 2. There’s a KS2 parents workshop coming after half term, but in the meantime... read more

Every couple of months, PPG run a bun sale where they ask parents from specific year groups (in this case, Years 3 & 4) to make buns, then sell them (to anyone!), with the funds raised going back to the year group who did the baking. If you are a pare... read more