A warm welcome to Year 4

We’re looking forward to another exciting year packed with wonderful topics, fun filled activities and adventurous visits.

In the autumn term, our class work centres on the theme ‘The Great Outdoors’, studying the wider locality of Bradford and taking part in Outdoor Adventurous Activities during one of the highlights of the year, our Ingleborough residential. In the second half of the autumn term, we look at South America to continue our study of the outdoors with the Amazon Jungle, exploring the amazing animals and the food chains found there.

The spring term theme is ‘Magical, Marvellous and Mysterious’. Within this, we will dive into our imaginations through reading stories with imagined settings and explore, through mystifying experiments, changes and movement of solids, liquids and gases.

In the final term, our work focuses on the topic ‘Mission Impossible’. During this time, we explore the use of codes within history, crack codes within maths and construct electrical circuits to create exciting products. The final half term looks at the wonders of the Ancient Egyptians in ‘Search for the Lost King’. Within this, we are able to use a variety of sources to discover more about this amazing period of history and the human digestive system.

The teachers within this year group are Miss Ali (4A) and Mr Spivey (4S)

Our classroom support assistants are: Mrs Sorren and Mrs Dobson.