We have an action-packed term ahead, in which we hope the children will feel inspired and engaged by the learning opportunities on offer.

This half term we will be working towards writing a newspaper report based on the Chronicles of Narnia. We will use our VIPERS session and visual literacy to support this journey. We will revisit previously taught GPS and consolidate their understanding of speech, semi colons and adverbials to support our writing.

During Maths, we will be continuing our fractions, decimals and percentages journey. Within maths we follow the cycle of fluency, varied fluency, reasoning and problem solving, giving children the opportunity to problem solve and reason with every taught skill. We are also building our arithmetic skills supported by our quick recall facts.

Within Science, we are investigating the concept of evolution and inheritance. Through this we will cover adaptation, mutation, inheritance, variation and even look at some of the great theories of evolution.

In our topic, the children will embark on a new journey focusing on the Early Islamic Civilisation. We will compare this to what was happening at that time in British history with a focus on trade, religion, art and achievements.