As SATs approach, there will naturally be an onus on the children to do some extra revision in addition to their homework. All the children should now have received their CGP Revision Guide (if ordered), and are now receiving 20 spellings per week to practise at home. In addition to their Maths homework, which recaps the methods, strategies and content learnt over their time in Key Stage 2, the children will also be receiving ‘Learn By Heart’ homework, where they will be expected to sharpen up on their knowledge of ‘known facts’ and ‘derived number facts’.

Whilst lessons will naturally cover aspects of learning which will be encountered in the tests, the Year 6 team are determined to ensure that the children still receive the same exciting and varied provision which will enable them to fulfil their potential. The notion of tests and exams can sometimes bring about anxieties for some children, whilst others view it as an opportunity to shine! Others remain ambivalent and take it all in their stride. Whatever category your child falls into, the Year 6 team will be working with the children on strategies which they can use in tests to maximise their time, focus on the task in hand and feel unpressured within the test environment.

As the term progresses, Mr Barnett and Mr Sen will be providing more revision activities and support to guide both children and parents in the run up to May. Some of these activities may be personalised to specific learning needs; others more generic to the whole Year group. Either way, they will not be onerous, and not go beyond the amount of homework expected of Year 6 children as set out in the school policy.

Please feel free to contact the Year 6 team if you have any concerns or queries about SATs.

Mr Barnett

On behalf of the Year 6 team

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