Welcome to Key Stage 2 and Year 3!

We hope you have all had a wonderful and relaxing summer and are ready for the exciting learning journey ahead.

There are a number of differences between KS1 and KS2 and we endeavour to ensure that the transition is a smooth and enjoyable one, building on the vital skills and knowledge gained in KS1. Children are encouraged to become more independent and self-motivated learners creating a foundation for the rest of the Key Stage.

The year 3 class teachers are Miss Sykes and Mr Manifold who are supported by Mrs Beckett and Mrs Halfyard.

The Year 3 Curriculum offers a rich and stimulating learning experience in which children will flourish.

We start the year with our “Going to Extremes” topic. In this topic Children will become enthusiastic mountain experts! They will learn about what mountains are, some of the forces used to create them and what effects they have on the world around them. We will be learning about famous mountain explorers and the role of the Mountain Rescue Team. We may even have the opportunity later in the term to meet an explorer, providing he is back from his latest expedition!

They will use this knowledge to help them on their “mini expedition day” planned later this term at Mount Sandal!

Later in the year, we will explore “Time Travellers” which is themed around The Romans. In the Summer term, our focus is “Keep Calm and Keep on Growing”. This science and maths based topic equips children with the key skills needed to become entrepreneurs, growing and making their own produce in order for them to manage their very own Sandal farmers market.

Please continue to check the website to find out how our learning journey is progressing.

We thank you for your support and look forward to another stimulating year ahead.


Mr Manifold                                                                              Miss Sykes

3W                                                                                                           3S