Year 2 – The Year of Fun, Enthusiasm and Adventure!

Your children are now the oldest and wisest of the Key Stage! This means that it’s up to 2W and 2T to set a shining example for the younger children moving into Years R and 1. We are extremely excited to begin our adventure through this final slice of Key Stage 1 and have ensured that we offer an engaging, stimulating curriculum for all children to maximise their enjoyment in learning.

2R is taught by Mra Robertshaw, and 2T is taught by Miss Victoria Tomlinson.

In addition, we are extremely happy and lucky to have several teaching assistants based in Year 2 – Mrs Kathryn Baines, Mrs Sharon Robinson and Mrs Dawn Usher. We are all here to maximise the children’s potential in all areas of the curriculum through supporting and extending their individual learning needs.

To start the year, we will capture your children’s interest by taking a journey ‘Around the World in 80 Days’. We will take a close look at each continent and some of the individual countries within them. Your children will be learning about the different animals, cultures, foods and landmarks found all over different parts of the world we live in. We are planning an exciting trip which will support their learning and offer a memorable, enjoyable experience for all. We will finish the topic with a presentation to show off all of the wonderful facts we have learned over the term.

During the Spring Term, our topic will be ‘Once Upon a Dream’. This is the topic that Miss Tomlinson and Miss Wall are particularly excited about as we will begin with a Disney dress up parade! We will be exploring works of the Magic Kingdom and investigating the life and accomplishments of the legend himself – Walt Disney. We will end the topic with a performance for the special people in our lives to share our own accomplishments.

The Summer term will see us walking on the wild side as we take a closer look into different habitats and the creatures that can be found there. ‘Survival of the Fittest’ will involve a fun filled trip to Nell Bank which will allow the pupils to explore the environment, learn about nocturnal animals and even find some small creatures during pond dipping and mini-beast hunting. As you may know, the Summer term will be especially important as the children will be taking the Key Stage 1 SATs in Writing, Reading and Maths. This year group are the first to take the government’s new curriculum SATs which now includes a Spelling and Grammar test. Closer to the time, we will be providing additional information and addressing any queries you may have regarding the tests.

With each topic, students will be able to participate in some incredible learning opportunities using and applying their knowledge from learning. More information will be provided in the newsletters for each half term.

Our Year 2 team is very approachable and will be more than happy to meet with and support families in any way we can.

Kind regards,

Mrs Robertshaw and Miss Tomlinson.