Our library runs on Libresoft Librarian. To access the library system from home (or anywhere!), click HERE (please note you’ll need a username and password to make use of it. It works best in Google Chrome)

This page records the development of our new library, which has been dramatically boosted by a £15,000 grant from the National Literacy Trust Bradford Literacy Hub, Book Space and the School Library Association. At the moment, we’re stripping out the former art room – see below, replacing the windows and carpets, and turning it into a really welcoming space, prior to working with Book Space on a cutting-edge library design. There’s lots more information in an article on the Bradford Literacy Hub site


Aunt Lola is author Deborah McKinlay, FCBG is the Federation of Children’s Book Groups, Damian Harvey is a children’s author. The others who re-tweeted this are Janithma Jayawardena, a nine-year old author, the FCBG, and the Family Learning division of Bradford Council.

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