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This page records the development of our new library, which has been dramatically boosted by a £15,000 grant from the National Literacy Trust Bradford Literacy Hub, Book Space and the School Library Association. At the moment, we’re stripping out the former art room – see below, replacing the windows and carpets, and turning it into a really welcoming space, prior to working with Book Space on a cutting-edge library design. There’s lots more information in an article on the Bradford Literacy Hub site


Aunt Lola is author Deborah McKinlay, FCBG is the Federation of Children’s Book Groups, Damian Harvey is a children’s author. The others who re-tweeted this are Janithma Jayawardena, a nine-year old author, the FCBG, and the Family Learning division of Bradford Council.

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The Peterborough Literacy Hub awarded their funding to Middleton Primary in South Bretton- you can find out more about their bid here, and read an article from the Peterborough Telegraph here.

The New Library

16th May – article on the Yorkshire Post website, following photos taken on Friday, 13th May.

21st October – official opening, by author Phil Earle (who also did two fantastic events for our pupils,and several groups from other schools), and the Lord Mayor of Bradford, Councillor Joanne Dodds.

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7th September – fitting begins! Slight problem with the wonderful Reading Hideaway, which was too wide to fit through the library door – although it did lead to a very, very happy Nursery teacher (It fitted through the door into the numsery perfectly)

25th August – floor flattened and sorted out, and flooring laid. Cabling very close to being complete – it’s nearly ready to go!

4th August – popped into school to make sure the computers were OK. The library’s now been painted, and is looking good!

29th July – Over the last few days, I’ve been scouring our local charity shops for books of sufficient quality (both in terms of how good they are, and how good they look!) to add to the collection for the new library. So far, more than 80 picked up for very little – Horrid Henry, Captain Underpants, lots of picture books (especially Michael Rosen, Lauren Child and Kim Lewis), Beast quest, and some rediscovered classics (Snowy, Badgers Parting Gifts and How To Catch A Star, among others). Something for everyone! (even me, with the retelling of Irish myths which make great stories to tell, rather than read, to children)

14th July – the first plan from BookSpace arrives!


2nd July – Work begins (to compare with what it originally looked like, see below)!

The current library

2015-03-24 07.46.51These are the stairs up to the current library – this makes them look slightly steeper than they actually are, but you get the idea!

2015-03-24 07.47.38This is one of the main problems with the current space – through the sliding wall is a classroom which is used most of the time, and the door on the right leads to the reprographics room, which needs constant access.

The current Art Room


This room is currently empty, having been fitted with new windows, and ready for a new carpet. As you can see, it’s very large (certainly compared to the current library)

I’d like to decorate this staircase – book covers and characters on the walls, book spines on the steps – turn it into a gateway to reading, rather than just another staircase!

The art room currently looks like this – cleared, but awaiting redecoration!