Metro’s revolutionary ‘My bus’ yellow bus scheme, provides dedicated, safe school transport.
Drivers have a list or register of all the children that are travelling on the bus. To get on to the register, parents must fill in an application form. The bus is fitted with CCTV Cameras, seat belts and have an escort onboard.

Visit to find out how to apply for my bus

You can register for our school bus by going to the GenerationM website. If you think you may be eligible for free school travel, you can find out more HERE

The register provides vital information about the child’s travel patterns (which days, where from, where to, and if they are being met from the bus). If a child does not show up at their usual pick-up point, the driver informs a Hotline, which contacts the parents to find out where the child is.

The application procedure acts as a ‘contract’ where parents sign up to their role in the scheme, agreeing to certain terms and conditions. For example, informing the My bus Hotline when appropriate, meeting their child from the bus in the afternoon, ensuring their child is at the bus stop on time and that they understand the My bus Code.

My bus telephone hotline – 0113 348 1122

Parents call the Hotline to relay messages to the driver. If your child is not using the bus on any of the days they are booked (eg. through illness), then you can call the Hotline to have this information passed on to the driver. The driver then knows exactly who is travelling each day. If a child does not show up at their usual pick-up point the driver informs the hotline, and the parents are contacted.

MyBus have ‘frequently asked questions’ on their website, which can be accessed here.