Procedure for School Closure

Please can we remind parents that in the event of the school being closed due to snow, the following actions will be taken as soon as a decision has been made:

An email and text message via parent mail will be sent to all those families who have signed up for this option. (For those people without email/text, it would be a good idea to ask friends who have to give you a ring as this is the most efficient way to contact everyone quickly) If you wish to opt for email and text communication please contact the school office.

An announcement will be made on the school’s website.

PLEASE AVOID RINGING SCHOOL. If there is no announcement that school is closed then this means it is open. It is hoped that any such announcement would be made by 7.45am so that parents can make alternative arrangements for child care. However, to help keep the school open during snowy weather, any help from parents to keep paths around the school site clear of snow would be very welcome.

If there is a heavy fall of snow during a school day you may wish to collect your child early if you feel your own personal circumstances warrant this. A text message will be sent if we need to close school during the course of the day and we need you to pick up your children. However, please be assured that staff who live close to school will remain on site until all children have been safely collected.

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