At Sandal we are aiming to offer as wide a provision as possible both inside and outside of school. Sandal has a great sporting tradition and we are hoping for this to continue this academic year. Already we have numerous sporting OOSH clubs in Netball, Football, Athletics and Badminton as well as numerous competitive sporting teams. As the year goes on, this will continue to grow as sports such as Rugby and Cricket are added to the Bradford Schools’ calendar.

Thank you for your continued support with the sport at Sandal.


Percentage of KS2 swimmers who have passed their national curriculum standard of independent swimming for 25m

  • Y5 95%
  • Y6 93%
  • Y4 Commence swimming Feb 2017- Feb 2018
  • Y3 Commence swimming Feb 2018-Feb 2019

Sports News

A huge thank you to Baildon Travel for their show of support for sport at Sandal. The children are so excited about wearing the new kit they have sponsored. It’s great that local businesses are giving us so much support! We look forward to wearing the kit at the forthcoming Bradford Schools Football finals.


Below are pictures of some of the children who have already represented the school in Bradford events so far in the 2014/15 academic sporting calendar.

Year 5 & 6 Athletics Team
Y 5 6

Year 3 Athletics
Y3 athletics

Year 2 Athletics
Y2 athletics

 Year 6 Boys’ B Football
6 B team

Girl’s Celebration!
Girls celebration

Year 5 & 6 Football
5 6 Football team

Year 5 & 6 Cross-country
5 6 cross country

Year 3 & 4 Football
3 4 Football team