Year 2 – The Year of fun, enthusiasm and adventure!

Welcome to Year 2.

Meet the team! 2T is taught by Miss Victoria Tomlinson, and 2BR is taught by Mrs Natalie Robertshaw (Mon-Wed) and Miss Lucy Allan (Thurs-Fri). We are fortunate to have two teaching assistants based in Year 2 – Mrs Kathryn Baines and Mrs Sally McNicholas. As a team, we ensure that every child receives the support and encouragement they need in order to achieve and succeed across the curriculum.

Year 2 are now the oldest and wisest of the Key Stage! This means that it’s up to 2T and 2BR to set a shining example for the younger children moving into Reception and Year 1. We are extremely excited to begin our adventure through this final stage of Key Stage 1 and strive to offer an engaging and stimulating curriculum for all children.

The start of the year will see us walking the plank in our “Land Ahoy” topic. Our pirate “hook” day is always an enjoyable and fun one to start the topic. Throughout the term, children will immerse themselves in learning about the seven continents and take a closer look at some of the countries within them. Children will be learning about the different animals, cultures, foods and landmarks found all over the different parts of the world we live in. We will be constructing a moving vehicle, using wheels and axels, as an alternative type of transportation for a stranded pirate.

During the spring term, our topic will be “Into the Woods”. Children will be captivated as they journey into the woods exploring a range of fairy tales with a twist. They will be putting their sewing skills to the test and creating their very own puppets in the style of a fairy tale character, which will be used to retell their own narratives. In history, children will be learning about the Great fire of London and its impact on Britain today. They will begin by getting into the character of Thomas Farriner (the owner of the baker’s shop on Pudding Lane, where the fire started) by baking some delicious bread rolls.

Our final topic, “Survival of the Fittest”, takes a closer look at different habitats and the creatures that can be found there. It will involve a fun-filled trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, which will allow the pupils to explore the animals that live in different countries, learn about their habitats and adaptations and the process of the food chain. As you may know, the summer term will be especially important as the children will be taking the Key Stage 1 SATs in Writing, Reading and Maths. Closer to the time, we will be providing additional information and addressing any queries you may have regarding the tests.



Across each topic, students will be able to participate in some incredible learning opportunities using and applying their knowledge. Please refer to our newsletters, which will be provided for each half term for more information.

We believe that communication is key in supporting your child through their time at school. Please speak to a member of the team if you have any queries, questions or concerns.

Miss Tomlinson, Mrs Robertshaw and Miss Allan