Year 3, the first year of Key Stage 2! The children will venture up the tower block to 3I and 3S to begin their new and exciting adventure in Key Stage Two. We endeavour to ensure that the transition is smooth, engaging and enjoyable.

3I is taught by Miss Silvester, and 3S taught by Miss Sykes.

In addition, it is wonderful to be supported by Mrs Halfyard and Mrs Harris. Together we will ensure that all children reach their full potential through encouragement and the supporting of their individual learning needs. Children are encouraged and expected to become more independent and self-motivated, taking responsibility for their own attitude to learning, this will create a strong foundation for the rest of KS2.

The Year 3 curriculum is rich, stimulating and varied, we are certain Year 3 will be a year in which children can flourish.

The year sets off to an extremely exciting start with our “Going to Extremes” and “School of Rock” topics. Together we will become enthusiastic Earth experts, learning about volcanoes, earthquakes, mountains, light and rocks. Our studies will show us how the earth moves and changes to create some beautiful, powerful and amazing natural disasters and landscapes. We may even have some opportunities to bring learning to life through observations, experiments and hearing from experts in the field. We’ll end our topic with our Y3 assembly (on the 22nd November) to show off and share our understanding and expertise.

Throughout the Spring Term, our topics will be “There’s no place like Rome” where we’ll consider the impact the Romans had on the UK and how the Roman Empire changed through time. A Roman visit is sure to help us not only learn about the Romans, but to understand and explain the impact they had on our way of life. As well as this, we’ll explore consider animals and humans in our “Funny Bones” topic, building on knowledge from Year 2 we’ll find out about their skeletons, nutrition and what they need to do in order to survive.

Lastly the Summer Term will see us embark on a journey to become entrepreneurs, “Keep Calm and Keep on Growing” is a science, geography and maths based topic ending with a Farmers’ Market that will not disappoint. While Miss Sykes and Miss Silvester keep calm (or try to), the children will grow and create produce to manage the whole market themselves. This will be a great topic that really showcases just how independent and mature the children become during Year 3, we hope to see you there!

During each topic, students will be able to participate in some fantastic learning opportunities using and applying their new knowledge. More information will be provided in the newsletters for each half term, as well as homework, spelling, learn by heart and PE information.

Year 3 will be a great year for your children, we are so excited for the year ahead and look forward to working with you to make it the richest learning experience possible. We are happy to meet and support you in any way we can, please contact us through the office contact details.

Kind regards,

Miss Silvester 3I and Miss Sykes 3S.