Welcome To Year 5!

As children enter the Phase 3 Team (and tackle the extra flight of stairs up to the top floor of the tower block) we aim to give the children a challenging, fun and varied curriculum as we push them to reach their full potential.

Our curriculum begins with: ‘Up in the Heavens!’. A hugely enjoyable topic, about space and the Ancient Greeks. The children become trainee astronauts, who investigate our solar system and the role played by gravity, and will have a visit from the Polestar Planetarium which is a fantastic experience to consolidate all their learning.

The spring term theme is: ‘Voyaging Around the World’. During this, the children will be immersed into the topic with a Japanese Day where they will have the opportunity to taste different delicacies from the country. They will then develop their locational knowledge of the world before exploring different climates and biomes.

During the summer term, the children embark upon: ‘A Trip Down Memory Lane’. This popular topic explores the local history of Saltaire including changes in social history and the huge impact that Sir Titus Salt had on industrialisation and the development of our region. We enjoy a stimulating guided tour around the village to immerse the children in the local history and experience the delights of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

All pupils participate in weekly swimming lessons at Shipley Pool from September until February half term. Pupils continue on the progress made in their Year 4 swimming sessions, gaining confidence in the water and learning a range of personal survival skills.

We are very much looking forward to what promises to be a fantastic year.

Miss Mountain, Miss Silvester and Mrs Pickles.