19th January, 2018

Young Voices, Sheffield 2018

WOW – What a fantastic Young Voices Event! … The children all worked so hard on the run up to the concert, but it was worth it, we had a fantastic day! They were absolute ‘Superstars’ and I for one couldn’t be prouder of each and every one of them! – Well Done SClub … ‘Another Amazing Adventure!’

I’ve been looking forward to going to watch Young Voices for 12 months now since a couple of friends went last year with their daughters who were in year 6, so I was beyond excited to know that S Club would once again get the opportunity to perform at Sheffield Arena this year and that my daughter, now in year 4 would get the chance to take part. The choir have been rehearsing for the concert at school and home for several months and I can only speak for my daughter, but she has thoroughly enjoyed it. To say she was excited on Friday morning is an understatement and my friends have said the same was true for their daughters (and the parents too).

We arrived at the arena as the doors opened at 6pm not really knowing how the evening would unfold. The first challenge was to find S Club amongst the 5000 plus other excited children all seated and ready to perform. All I can say is ‘I should have gone to Specsavers’! fortunately after following the directions from a patient Miss Darbyshire the choir were spotted and were frantically waving at us.

What I hadn’t realised is that the evenings entertainment would also include performances from other rising stars too and they were brilliant and inspiring for all the choir and audience to watch. The evening was well organised and was hosted brilliantly and the choir were conducted by a professional who had been rehearsing with them during the afternoon . The arrangements that they sung were fabulous and the hard work put in by all those taking part well and truly paid off. It was a night to remember for all those who were there and especially the children in Sandals outstanding S Club Choir. If your child gets the opportunity to perform in the Young Voices Choir next year I would thoroughly recommend they go, it is an amazing opportunity and experience for them and just fabulous to sing and have fun with your friends.

My daughter and I are already looking forward to it. ” (Rachel Partovi, Parent)